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Why Aerospace Manufacturers Choose Associated Spring®

When you need to procure 6 million parts for your 747, how do you choose the right suppliers? The Aerospace and Defense industry is made up of a vast ecosystem of suppliers that produce everything from engines to springs. When one supplier faces challenges, it can cause a chain reaction in the delivery of the component (like hydraulic valves), which can affect the delivery of the product as a whole. Beyond delivery delay, risks to the supply chain include legal and regulatory violations, costly data breaches, reputation damage and more.

To help mitigate risks with the right spring supplier, this blog post will explore ten reasons why aerospace manufacturers choose Associated Spring when they need springs for key aircraft components like interiors, airframe, landing gear, engine support systems and more.

10 Reasons Why Aerospace Manufacturers Choose Associated Spring

1. High Quality Parts

In the Aerospace and Defense industry, there are strict quality and accuracy guidelines and performance specifications. Associated Spring has been pushing the innovation and technology envelope and the laws of physics to reach new spring performance levels, including the need for materials that weigh less while still maintaining the highest standard of performance.

2. Key Certifications

Associated Spring holds key certifications that may be necessary for suppliers of the U.S. military and aerospace markets, including AS9100. In fact, we were one of the first spring manufacturers to have AS9100 based on our Quality Management System for superior parts and services. Expertise of the entire quality and certification process, including ITAR compliance, helps set our company apart.

3. Cybersecurity

A recent Accenture survey of Aerospace and Defense executives, including Chief Information Security Officers, revealed that 75% believe cybersecurity risks will grow substantially in the next few years. Risks include business operations interruptions, loss of sensitive data, including intellectual property. Our business has a mature Cyber program guided by industry standards i.e., NIST CSF, CIS, SAN20, OWASP. We have achieved Level 3 DFARS 252.204.7012 compliance which has been verified with an attestation letter from a third-party assessor. We are also pursuing Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) 2.0 certification.

4. Manufacturing Logistics

Aerospace companies require performance excellence in cost, quality and delivery. At Associated Spring, we are manufacturing experts in every step from Contract Review and Flow Down to Program Management and Defense Priorities and Allocations System (DPAS) Priority. Our manufacturing process is known for our detailed Approved Source Lists, Traceability, and Source Inspection.

5. Rapid Prototyping

To allow customers to see how our precise springs work in their unique aerospace applications and consumer products, we provide engineering and design assistance along with rapid prototypes to confirm requirements. Our manufacturing facilities are ready to produce fully functional rapid prototypes using production intent materials and equipment.

6. Spring Lifecycle Costs

Once OEM production is complete, how do parts perform throughout the product lifecycle?

At Associated Spring, we help you get the best end product. With our engineered springs, our aerospace manufacturing customers achieve optimal lifecycle costs with reduced fatigue life.

7. Proactive Value

At Associated Spring, we pride ourselves in thinking beyond the “build-to-print” mindset to contribute value-add technology and our expertise to our customers. Our cross-functional group of expert engineers, scientists, manufacturing technicians, time-tested highly skilled spring makers and technical experts develop solutions to complex problems through innovations in design, development, testing, materials and manufacturing. We willingly share knowledge on how our customers can better manage the business and deliver best-value solutions.

8. Supplier Reliability 

Aerospace manufacturers have long lists of vendor requirements to ensure reliable supply partners, with checks for everything from financial health to facility tours. Associated Spring has been a trusted spring maker for over 160 years with tried-and-true processes from the boardroom to our manufacturing facilities. We are a resilient and financially healthy supplier that continuously focuses on improving affordability and efficiency for our customers.

9. Integrity and Values

Along the aerospace manufacturing supply chain, it’s critical that each supplier operates professionally, respectfully and committed to ethical business practices—or else there can be reputational harm. At Associated Spring, we are committed to ethical business practices and use the Barnes Enterprise System (BES) to drive every aspect of our culture and performance. The Barnes Enterprise System is guided by four key elements: Culture, Alignment, Continuous Improvement and Results. As a culture, we respect each individual and lead with humility.

10. Spring Industry Leaders

Customers choose Associated Spring not only for our widely recognized brand in the spring industry, but also for our leadership in engineered high performance springs. Since 1857, we have been a pioneer, leader and innovator in the engineered spring and precision metal component manufacturing industry. In fact, we wrote the reference book on spring engineering.

See How Associated Spring Can Fit Into Your Next Aerospace Project

The Aerospace and Defense industry has a lot of moving parts and each component in a final manufactured product is critical to its performance. That’s why aerospace manufacturers choose Associated Spring for commercial aircraft, space component or aerospace spiral springs—and so much more. You can trust our team to provide engineering assistance and product support ranging from emergency repair for AOG, Repair & Overhaul, and Prototypes to OEM Production.

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